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Simple and cost-effective, our brand-new 3D fabric graphics products are ideal for applications such as column wraps, hanging canopies & cubes

Mamas & Papas 3D
Leach Impact at RDE2016

corner connectors

Tension Fabric Graphics had long been confined to flat, rectangular shapes, until now...

Welcome, Vision 3D.

Our 3D design team has created unique 3-way corner connectors and a new range of specialised 45-degree profiles which have enabled the development of the Vision 3D range. This creativity and innovation has paved the way to a multitude of innovative fabric graphic products such as column wraps, hanging canopies and cubes, all of which can be produced simply and cost-effectively.

Also, because of our decades of experience in illuminating printed graphics, all of our Vision 3D products can be internally LED lit. The LED lighting provides strong and even illumination right up to the edges and together with our unique design, shape and graphics will help you stand out from the crowd and make an impact upon your customers.

To find out more, contact us today at vision@weareleach.com

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For more information about any of the products featured call 01484 551200 or email vision@weareleach.com

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