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Stik Wallpaper

Why keep paying for professional graphics installation every season? Let your staff do the fitting quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

Stik Wallpaper is THE quick-change, large-format graphics display system.

This multi-award-winning magnetic wallpaper system can
be used anywhere in the retail environment, from large wall areas,
high-level friezes and window displays to column graphics,
till points and sale graphics.

Call 01484 551200 or email stik@weareleach.com for more information

Watch the Stik Video

Once Stik’s magnetic bases
are installed, your staff
become the fitters.

For every new promotion, they can simply overlay the new magnetically receptive fascia graphics, delivered to you in lightweight tubes. Large wall areas can quickly be covered in easy-to-handle overlapping vertical drops, and awkward wall shapes (including door frames, wall furniture and return walls) can easily be accommodated.

Download the Stik data sheet here

Download the full product brochure here

STIK LEADS THE WAY Compared with other large wall graphic solutions:

Stik saves money
Replacement graphics can be fitted easily by your staff.

Stik saves time
You don’t have to plan a national installation team roll-out (your whole estate can simultaneously move into a new season or promotion).

Stik reduces risk
Up to 5 metres high can be installed safely from floor level, using the Stik stick tool (no need for ladders or scaffolding).

Stik reduces your environmental impact
Stik has an impressively low carbon footprint: it’s lightweight and simple to transport, and professional fitting teams aren’t needed to change graphics.

The best thing we’ve done in a long time is to put the STIK magnetic walls in.
They’re clean, they’re crisp, they’re easy to put up and they just work.

SJ Batkin
European Marketing Production Manager, GAP

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