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In choosing Leach for this project, the Gap procurement team saw the benefits of using a graphics producer with integrated 3D manufacturing and joinery capabilities.

The Brief

GAP’s creative team had designed the backdrops for the March 2015 promotion as a series of graduated stained wood panels with different colours denoting the Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s clothing range.

The 2D graphic elements depicting the wood panelling were to be mirrored in the 3D elements comprising of freestanding backdrop units and mannequin plinths for the flagship stores. The challenge was to colour individual panels 2.4 metres high, each with a different tint of the colour and montage them together to make units up to 3.0 metres wide. Graphics were to be produced and delivered within two weeks to European Flagship stores with the 3D elements being installed in London, Paris, Milan and Rome.

Our Solution

Stik Magnetic wallpaper was chosen for the graphic elements to allow the store staff to quickly and easily install the large graphic backdrops at the same time in every store across the estate. The printed coloured wood panel effects were printed at high resolution on the Durst Rho 312, ferrous backed in-house before i-cutting to the individual templates held on the Leach database for all the GAP magnetic walls previously installed.

To ensure a perfect match from the graphic panels to the 3D structures it was decided to print the same colours chosen by the GAP creative team directly to 12mm Birch face plywood on the Durst Rho P10.This technique achieve the colour fidelity while allowing the grain to show through. These were sent to our Build Department to fabricate into the 3D structures along with the plinths and platforms that were spray painted to match.

Our own team of installers worked alongside the GAP VM team and the store staff to simultaneously create the final stunning window displays.



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