Product Wall Lite

A unique merchandise display system which integrates illuminated fabric graphics.

Product Wall Lite enables you to create eye-catching, yet flexible display systems for your hero merchandise.

  • Benefits

    • Flexible Display System - update the look and feel of your display in a matter of minutes, with minimal fuss
    • Interchangeable Graphics - in-store staff can not only create the display, but also change the graphics with ease - no special tools or techniques required
    • Maximise Floor Space - Product Wall Lite is multi-purpose and can be adapted to suit the needs of each store, space and seasonal change


  • Features

    • Floating Shelves - our discreet magnetic-based display system allows maximum flexibility for lightweight merchandise such as shoes, jewellery and electronics
    • Integrated graphics and display system - a unique combination which creates an 'exhibition' of hero products to capture customer attention
    • LED illumination - our industry leading fabric graphics and LED technology provides maximum brand exposure 


Product Wall Hook

Product Wall Shoes

Why choose
Product Wall Lite?

Product Wall Lite is a unique merchandise display system which integrates illuminated graphics.

Created with flexibility in mind, the Product Wall system has been designed so that in-store managers and merchandisers can update the look and feel of their displays without fuss and maximise use of floor space.

This dual-purpose merchandise display system can also be used as a pure graphic display wall, with the simple removal of internal brackets – no tools required. 

Manufactured to any size up to 15m x 5m, Product Wall Lite has been created using a discreet magnetic-based display system, to allow maximum flexibility for lightweight merchandise such as shoes, jewellery and electronics.

Extra floating shelves or hooks can be added or removed with ease - all of which is neatly concealed behind the interchangeable graphic.

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